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Roomba 980 Vacuum Review

Chris L.
Last updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Roomba 980 picks up every last piece of debris it comes across thanks to the AeroForce® Cleaning System and multi-surface brushes. It gets deep in carpet for a more thorough cleaning. While it's expensive, it lives up to the hype the Roomba brand has created.

Roomba 980 overview

A cleaner home is possible with a single press of a button. The Roomba 980 effortlessly navigates throughout an entire floor of your house. And with the AeroForce® Cleaning System with Power Boost, the Roomba automatically enhances power when it gets on a carpet for maximum efficiency. Other useful features that come with this vacuum include:

  • AeroForce® high-efficiency filter
  • Tangle-free dual multi-surface brushes
  • Cliff detect sensors

This is a premium vacuuming product. Expect to pay as such. But when it comes to efficiently cleaning your home with minimal work on your end, the 980 may be worth the investment.

Get Roomba 980 if...

  • You don't like cleaning. The power's in your hands with the iRobot HOME app. You can preset when the vacuum runs up to seven times a week. The vacuum automatically goes back to its charging station when a cleaning cycle ends or when the battery starts running low. The Roomba does all the work while you relax.
  • Your house is prone to dirt. The Roomba 980 has sensors to locate concentrated areas of debris. It prompts the robot to clean those spots more thoroughly. If you have kids or pets running around your home, then the vacuum cleans up after them with ease.
  • You want to clean under furniture, too. The Roomba 980 is only 3.6 inches tall. That means it can easily slide under coffee tables and chairs to get every last piece of dirt.

Skip Roomba 980 if...

  • You're on a budget. Many Roomba vacuums come at a high price point. Depending on the features you want, it may be worth it. But there are other models, like the Roomba 890, that cost less than this model.
  • Your house has multiple stories. The Roomba 980 is proficient with cleaning a single floor. But it can't go up or down stairs. In that instance, you're either going to need several Roombas or invest in an upright vacuum to clean on your own.


  • Advanced Gen 3 motor to offer 10 times the air power
  • Multi-surface brushes to pick up pet hair, dander, and more
  • Edge-sweeping brush to clean along every wall in your home
  • High-efficiency filter to capture 99 percent of contaminants
  • Cliff detect sensors to prevent it from falling down steps


  • High price
  • Very noisy

Vacuum specifications

Reasons to Buy Roomba 980

  • You don't have the time to clean. Cleaning the house can be a chore and requires dedicated time and attention. Fortunately, you can take one task off your to-do list by getting a Roomba 980 that automatically vacuums for you. You can have it run several times a week to pick up any dirt that appears.
  • You have pets. The Roomba 980 comes with multi-surface brushes that work in tandem with one another to pick up pet hair, dust, and large pieces of debris. All of this gets done without them becoming tangled together.
  • You want to clean every day. With pets or kids, your house may not stay clean for long. Getting out an upright vacuum every day may not be feasible. But you can keep things pretty clean with the Roomba 980.

Reasons to Avoid Roomba 980

  • You home has several types of flooring. The Roomba 980 is equipped with an auto-adjust cleaning head. This adapts the height to ensure the multi-surface brushes remain in close contact with the floor whether it's hardwood or carpet.
  • You have stairs. Roombas aren't designed to go up and down stairs. Therefore, one story of your home can't benefit with just one Roomba.

What real Roomba 980 reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Roomba 980 receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). Roomba 980 scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  • "The unit itself because it is brushless seems to beat the carpet the old fashioned way and removed so much hidden dirt without destroying carpet fibers my expensive upright vacuum didn’t remove."
  • "We had to vacuum daily. It has been a week since we got [a Roomba], and we haven't had to manually vacuum even once."
  • "I love the app so you can see where it cleans. The brushes are a 100 percent better and gets less hair in it so you don’t have to change them often."
  • "With pets, kids and grandkids, these roombas save time and keep the house looking great."
  • "My daughter informed me that the machine was a game-changer. She was able to cut back her house cleaning help from every other week to every third week."

What reviewers dislike

  • "Works great but is so loud it sounds like a jet engine is taking off."
  • "Sometimes it gets lost or stuck, put it back on [its] charger and run it again."
  • "I would have given it five stars if I'd been able to make it clean an individual room."
  • "I use it on max cleaning at all times which runs the battery down before the job is completed."
  • "Very loud only 56 minutes operating time."

Where to buy Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is available for the best price on Amazon. The vacuum qualifies for free shipping. And if you're not satisfied for any reason, you can return it at no extra cost.

The bottom line on Roomba 980 vacuum

Roomba 980 is an ideal choice if you want convenience and a seamless cleaning experience at a worthwhile price.

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