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Roomba 880 Vacuum Review

Chris L.
Last updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Roomba 880 picks up stubborn dust and debris from all of your hardwood, tile, and carpeted floors with just the touch of a button! This smart vacuuming robot can be prescheduled for daily cleans, features tangle-free brushes, and even has iAdapt room to room navigation for a thorough and advanced clean for you entire home.

Roomba 880 overview

The Roomba 880 is a simple yet smart home vacuuming robot with the engineering and technology driven design that you expect from Roomba. The 880 has tangle-free brushes that are ideal for any floor surface and pet owners! A few other key features include:

  • iAdapt room to room navigation for a deeper clean
  • Prescheduled cleaning up to seven days in advance
  • High efficiency filter, perfect for eliminating allergens

Despite the Roomba 880's user-friendly technological features and sleek design, this vacuuming robot may not be the right fit for everyone. We've all bought an expensive piece of tech that didn't live up to the hype. If you want to make sure that the Roomba 880 is the right fit for your lifestyle, continue reading!

Get the Roomba 880 if...

  • You can't keep up with pet hair. The Roomba 880 has two key features that make it ideal for cleaning up after pets: its tangle free brushes, and its high-efficiency filter. The tangle free brushes pick up your pet's hair from any floor surface, while the high-efficiency filter eliminates 99% of allergens, making your home feel cleaner and fresher.
  • You're too busy to vacuum. Do you struggle to find time for regular vacuuming each week? If your answer is a resounding "yes!" consider the Roomba 880. Clean floors are just a press of a button away. You can even preschedule the 880 for daily cleans up to a week in advance, so you can go about your weekly routine without ever worrying about dirty floors.
  • You want a simple yet efficient vacuuming robot. The Roomba 880 is perfect if you're not tech savvy and would rather control your robot from a panel. All of its controls are clearly marked and displayed via buttons.

Skip the Roomba 880 if...

  • You want to clean multiple levels of your home. While the 880 is great for cleaning one level, cliff detection prevents it from falling, traveling down, or vacuuming your stairs. If you're looking for a vacuum that cleans multiple floors on its own, the 880 may not be for you.
  • You're looking for a vacuum that syncs to your phone. If you'd rather control your vacuum through voice control or a phone app, the 880 isn't the best pick. Opt for Roomba's s or i series instead.


  • Multi-surface, tangle free brushes- great for pets
  • iAdapt room to room navigation for an advanced clean
  • Prescheduled cleaning feature
  • High-Efficiency filter


  • Isn't smartphone or Alexa/Google Assistant compatible like other Roomba models

Vacuum specifications

Reasons to Buy the Roomba 880

  • You have a combination of hardwood, carpet, and tile. The Roomba 880's Multi-surface brushes are perfect for cleaning all floor surfaces seamlessly and efficiently without worrying about changing attachments or brushes.
  • You have allergies. The 880's High-Efficiency filter removes 99% of allergens, pollen, and other foreign particles from the air, making your air fresher and cleaner instantly.
  • You want control over where your robot vacuum cleans. With the Roomba's iAdapt room to room navigation, you can control which rooms your Roomba cleans and which to stay out of. This feature is great if you have a kid's playroom or rooms under renovation.

Reasons to Avoid the Roomba 880

  • You have back problems. The button is unfortunately the only way this model starts. If you have a sensitive back, or you have a disability that prevents bending over, the 880 may not be the best choice. Check out Roomba's voice compatible s or i series instead.
  • You want to vacuum furniture and your car as well. The Roomba 880 is great for all floor surfaces, but it won't climb furniture or your car interior. The 880 may not be for you if your looking for this kind of versatility. Instead, you may opt for a handheld Dyson model.

What real Roomba 880 reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? The Roomba 880 receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). The Roomba 880 scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  • "The Roomba handles the brunt of the cleaning quite impressively."
  • "Does a great job on hardwood and carpets."
  • "it's able to cover the whole house."
  • "Made a big difference looking after unwanted dog hair."
  • "One year later and still one of my best purchases. Order fulfilled perfectly and made for a lot more time."

What reviewers dislike

  • "it can't get into a 90 degree corner perfectly so there's a little bit left there."
  • "The dog hates this vacuum."
  • "You have to empty the container after 1-2 cleaning sessions."
  • "A cheaper model would have been a better choice."
  • "Works great but does get caught under some furnishings."

Where to buy the Roomba 880

The best place to buy your Roomba 880 is on Amazon! Purchase it new or save money on a reconditioned model. Amazon delivers your Roomba in just a few days so that you have more time to do the things you love while the Roomba takes care of vacuuming.

The bottom line on the Roomba 880 vacuum

The Roomba 880 is an ideal choice if you want efficient, user-friendly vacuuming robot at a great price.

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