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Roomba 680 Vacuum Review

Chris L.
Last updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Roomba 680 may not come with all the bells and whistles as newer Roomba models, but it does have everything you expect out of a Roomba, such as intelligent sensors and an auto-adjust cleaning head. It gets the job done and doesn't require any further setup to your home's WiFi.

Roomba 680 overview

The Roomba 680 provides a thorough cleaning at just the push of a button. It comes with a patented 3-stage cleaning system that loosens, lifts, and suctions everything in the robot's path. This allows it to pick up everything from small flecks of dust to larger pieces of debris, like cereal. Other features that make the Roomba 680 worthwhile include:

  • Auto-adjust cleaning head
  • Cliff detect sensors
  • Dirt detect sensors

The Roomba 680 is definitely an older model. It doesn't come with all the frills you see with newer robots, such as WiFi connectivity. You need to manually get it going rather than starting it from your smartphone through the iRobot app. But, if you're looking for a simple robotic vacuum, the Roomba 680 is a great option.

Get Roomba 680 if...

  • You don't want to rely on remote controls. The Roomba 680 gets going by pressing the "Clean" button on top. This means you don't need to scramble for your phone or a remote when you want clean floors.
  • You don't desire other smart home devices. Some people want to integrate numerous features of their households, such as the air conditioner and lights, into Amazon Alexa. But getting these kinds of features costs a good deal of money. If you just want a solid robot vacuum, then the Roomba 680 can make your life easier without necessitating a further investment.
  • You want a vacuum that works on all floor types. From carpet to tile, the Roomba 680 can go from one flooring to the next with ease. It's all thanks to the auto-adjust cleaning head, which alters the Roomba's head height to make it usable on all kinds of floors.

Skip Roomba 680 if...

  • You want special features. Some Roombas are pretty advanced. For example, the Roomba S9+ deposits dirt into the home charging station. The Roomba 680 is more of a rudimentary model designed for people who want to avoid special frills.
  • You want to program from your phone. The Roomba 680 comes with scheduling buttons directly on the robot. This allows you to schedule cleanings 7 times a week. While it takes a minute to figure out how to use this, some people prefer just using their phone to alter their robot's schedule.
  • You have allergies. The Roomba 680 lacks HEPA filtration. It's not as good as other Roombas in filtering out dirt and allergens. If your home has a lot of pet dander or dust, the 680 may not be strong enough to keep your allergies at bay.


  • Edge-sweeping brush
  • Dual multi-surface brushes
  • iAdapt navigation
  • Preset controls
  • Extra filter in package


  • Short runtime
  • No special features

Vacuum specifications

Reasons to Buy Roomba 680

  • Your home is prone to messes. With children and pets running around, it may not take much to turn your house into a pigsty. The Roomba 680 comes with plenty of power to pick up everything from food to pet hair.
  • You need to clean under furniture. At only 3.6 inches in height, the Roomba 680 is capable of getting under many pieces of furniture. It can get under coffee tables and beds for a more thorough cleaning.
  • You need to clean in corners. The edge-sweeping brush allows the Roomba to suck up particles along walls and in corners. You don't have to deal with dust bunnies avoiding the Roomba's path just because they're slightly out of reach.

Reasons to Avoid Roomba 680

  • You have a big house. It takes the Roomba 680 3 hours to charge, and then it runs for 60 minutes. This may not be enough time to cover more expansive spaces.
  • You have stairs. The Roomba 680 cannot traverse steps. If your house has multiple levels, then you either need several Roombas or an upright vacuum to clean yourself.
  • You have shag carpet. Some reviewers have noted the bristles in the Roomba 680 try to collect fibers on shag carpet. It gets tangled, and the robot stops on its own, which can be a real hassle to fix.

What real Roomba 680 reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Roomba 680 receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). Roomba 680 scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  • "The results don't lie, though, this cleaned the floors very well and took an hour and six minutes."
  • "It leaves the carpet with that clean brushed look. It has dirt sensors, so it will take a rabbit trail and spin in a certain area if it senses a dirtier area."
  • "Overall, I recommend it for busy families, and it would probably be really great for older people who may find traditional vacuums too heavy."
  • "The Roomba cleans very well in that it has a side brush that extends out and gets the dust, and fur that can accumulate along the baseboards."
  • "Emptying the bin and cleaning the filter can all be done in one easy step. This is the easiest and best way for sweeping and keeping clean hardwood floors."

What reviewers dislike

  • "If you have light objects on the floor, it is preferable to remove them from the step, as you push them again and again."
  • "As others said it needs to be supervised so I wouldn't turn it on and then leave the house. It's also very loud."
  • "She's a little noisy and takes a while to return to "Home" after I press the "Home" button."
  • "It does seem to go around in circles sometimes. ...over and over the same spot but does not go into other spaces that I want it to."
  • "Not sure it's enough for carpet based on my experience."

Where to buy Roomba 680

The Roomba 680 is available from a litany of retailers. If you want something similar for a great price on Amazon, then check out the Roomba 690. It comes with many of the same features as the 680 for not much more. And through Amazon, you receive free shipping.

The bottom line on Roomba 680

Roomba 680 is an ideal choice if you want simplicity and power at an affordable price.

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