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Roomba 665 Vacuum Review

Chris L.
Last updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Roomba 665 may be an older vacuum. But with iAdapt Navigation and dual multi-surface brushes, it still has some great features to keep your floors clean. This design is still commonly found in Roomba vacuums made today, making the 665 ahead of its time.

Roomba 665 overview

The Roomba 665 comes with iRobot's patented 3-Stage Cleaning System. This allows it to pick up everything from fine dust to large pieces of debris, such as cereal, with ease. You can get it moving by simply pressing the "Clean" button on top or by setting up a schedule with the interface directly on the vacuum. Other features prospective buyers should consider include:

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • iAdapt Navigation
  • Dual-mode virtual wall barrier

The Roomba 665 lacks some features you get with newer models, such as smartphone compatibility. But considering you can still set a schedule, that may not bother some people. The 665 may be an older vacuum, but it can still get the job done.

Get Roomba 665 if...

  • You want a low-profile vacuum. The Roomba 665 comes with a low profile. It only measures 3.6 inches in height, so it can easily navigate under tables and chairs, allowing it to grab every last piece of debris.
  • You want a long-lasting vacuum. The lithium-ion battery provides extended battery life, meaning you aren't going to need another one for quite some time.
  • You want easy cleaning. Keeping your house pristine is tough. You may not have the energy to vacuum even once a week after work and the rest of your responsibilities. Luckily, you can schedule the Roomba 665 to run every day if you want to keep your floors spotless.

Skip Roomba 665 if...

  • You want all the bells and whistles. The Roomba 665 came out before iRobot offered smartphone compatibility. The iRobot app allows you to set a schedule and monitor your robot's activity. You can't do that with the 665, but you can get it with something like the Roomba 985.
  • You don't like loud noise. Some reviewers have noted the Roomba 665 can get noisy. Not only is this irritating to you, but it can also upset any pets you have. Fortunately, you can have the 665 run while you're away, so you don't have to deal with it.


  • Dual multi-surface brushes
  • Dirt detection sensors
  • Auto-adjustable head
  • Intelligent navigation system
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn't work as well on high pile carpet
  • Bristled brush requires maintenance

Vacuum specifications

Reasons to Buy Roomba 665

  • You have a pet. Any Roomba is a good idea when you have a furry animal around the house. The 665 model, with multi-surface brushes and intricate sensors, locates fur and other debris so that you don't end up with dust bunnies around the house.
  • You have a big space. The Roomba 665 comes with a fairly large bin. This means you don't have to empty it as often. If your house is prone to dirt or hair on the floor, then the big bin ensures the vacuum picks up everything in one go.
  • You have allergies. The suction on the Roomba 665 is far better than other vacuums. It can pick up pollen, fur, dust, and other pollutants, allowing you to breathe easier.

Reasons to Avoid Roomba 665

  • You have a lot of carpet. The Roomba 665 comes with an auto-adjusting head to move effortlessly from one surface to the next. It does a decent job on carpet. But some reviews have stated it doesn't do as well on high pile carpet.
  • You want a newer model. Old versions of the Roomba 665 moved in a random cleaning pattern. Modern updates have fixed this somewhat. Or you could opt for something more state-of-the-art, like the Roomba i7 that really comes with everything you expect out of a Roomba.

What real Roomba 665 reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Roomba 665 receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). Roomba 665 scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  • "Wife loves it. Grandson loves to turn it on and chase it around the house. Electronic fence is a must for us."
  • "Works great, cleaning both the carpet and hardwood floor. We are a family of 5 with pets and I've had this vacuum run daily for the past year and a half and it still works great!"
  • "Reduced my cleaning time on hard surfaces and carpet too. Clean my floors 3+ times per week rather than [twice] a month."
  • "It roams the house for 90 minutes and returns to dock for a recharge. The dust bin is full every time, and we have a powerful central vacuum system that is used weekly."
  • "This is so easy to start using right away. I haven't been able to clean under beds (for a few years). The Roomba just goes and cleans."

What reviewers dislike

  • "Does not go back to charger when needs to."
  • "It does seem to hit some rooms more than others. It may have had something to do with obstructions like the dining table and chair legs."
  • "The vacuum did get stuck once behind a lazy boy and proceeded to just sit there still running until I moved the chair."
  • "It has no WIFI connection. I can't figure out its cleaning strategy."
  • "In rooms where the roomba has less than 2 ft or so to get a running start to transition from bare floor to carpet, it can’t do it."

Where to buy Roomba 665

The Roomba 665 is available for a great price on Amazon. It's one of the less expensive Roomba vacuums available. And when buying from Amazon, you get to enjoy fast, free shipping.

The bottom line on Roomba 665

Roomba 665 is an ideal choice if you want a solidly-performing vacuum with great suction at an affordable price.

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