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Roomba 650 Manual Vacuum Review

Chris L.
Last updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Roomba 650 is a robot vacuum that excels at keeping your home clean, especially if you have pets. Although you may still have to vacuum every so often (especially if you have stairs) this vacuum substantially lightens the work load. You can program the 650 to clean up to 7 times a week on a schedule.

Roomba 650 Manual overview

The Roomba 650 is a robot vacuum that's designed for houses with both carpets and hardwood floors. Using 3 different techniques—agitating, brushing, and suction— the Roomba 650 cleans all of your floors. On top of this, the 650 has multiple other features, including:

  • Cliff Detecting Sensors - The 650 has multiple sensors that can detect not only drop offs but also furniture and people. These sensors can save your walls from scuff marks and your Roomba from breaking.
  • Roomba App - Using your Wi-Fi enabled device, the Roomba app can program and schedule the Roomba's cleaning. On top of scheduling and programing the app can update you one the status of your Roomba.
  • 3-Stage cleaning system - the 3-stage cleaning system in the Roomba is equipped with a power boost on top of the powerful suction. The powerful suction can get deep into carpets.

While these features are great and powerful, the Roomba 650 Manual isn't made for everyone. It's important to do your research to make sure a big purchase like this is exactly what you want. Continue reading to make sure this vacuum is right for you and your home.

Get Roomba 650 Manual if...

  • You have multiple pets - The powerful 3-stage suction system can get deep into any carpet to get all the pet hair out.
  • You like to keep things simple - This Roomba doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the newer more advanced Roomba's have. Some of those things are superfluous and some people don't know how to use them.
  • You have a smaller house - The Roomba 650 is powerful for the battery life that it has. The 650 is perfect for a house that only requires a short time to clean.

Skip Roomba 650 Manual if...

  • You want newer technology - The Roomba 650 is just as powerful as other Roomba models, however, it does lack all the new high-tech features found in the Roomba s series. If you're looking for the latest bells and whistles Roomba has to offer, the 650 isn't the right choice for you.
  • You need a full clean not a spot clean - The 650 is great for spot cleaning and in between deep cleans. But if you need to get dirt ground into carpet, opt for a more powerful upright vacuum instead.


  • Advanced navigation sensors
  • Programable schedule
  • Low-profile to get under furniture


  • 50 minutes of battery life may not be enough to clean a big house

Vacuum specifications

Reasons to Buy Roomba 650 Manual

  • You can clean your house even when you're not home - The iRobot app allows you to not only locate the Roomba in your house but you can also program times in which the vacuum cleans. This feature allows your vacuum to clean your house when you're away.
  • You have a lot of furniture in your house - With the 650's low profile it can get under most furniture where a lot of pet hair and other dirt hides. It can also clean in and around tight corners better than larger vacuums.
  • You don't have a lot of storage - The Roomba 650 comes with a charging dock. The charging dock doesn't take up much space and can be easily hidden behind furniture or a wall.

Reasons to Avoid Roomba 650 Manual

  • Your house has multiple levels - The Roomba 650 can't traverse steps at all. It comes with built-in cliff detection technology to prevent it from even approaching stairs. If you have multiple floors in your home, a Roomba may not be the right fit for you.
  • Your house is SMART - The Roomba 650 is not able to connect to SMART devices like Alexa or your Google Assistant. Having a device that can't connect to the rest of your devices can be frustrating.

What real Roomba 650 Manual reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Roomba 650 Manual receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). Roomba 650 Manual scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  • "The Roomba 650 was recommended for us due to it's features, efficiency and price. We live upstairs, so we needed a bot that had cliff sensors, but wasn't too expensive and so far it's been a godsend!
  • "I love this robot -- we have three dogs and the same amount of cats so you now know why we purchased the Roomba."
  • "We bought this robot mainly to help keep up with the pet hair. The pet hair that accumulates as you clean! Love this Robot."
  • "It's the best gift I've received in years! I have a mini Dachsie & a chi. Both breeds are heavy shedders. Get one as soon as u can!"
  • This is definitely the BEST household tool that I have ever purchased in my 55+ years as a homemaker"

What reviewers dislike

  • "Random pattern cleaning may miss a spot or two"
  • "I set the unit out to go, and in an hour or so, it has picked up less debris than a 10 minute manual vacuum job would do."
  • "Terrible AI. Brutalizes my apartment and everything in it. Constantly gets lost and stuck. Eats wires everywhere and rams his own base."
  • "Before i use it about once to twice times a week to only do my second floor (3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom) After 6 months the battery was starting to unload. From 40 mins to 30 mins and after 1 year, from 30 to 10. And after 2 years it does not even turn on anymore."
  • "After about a year of use it started going through batteries like crazy."

Where to buy Roomba 650 Manual

Amazon is where you want to buy the Roomba 650. They offer the same warranty as Roomba, and, if you have a Prime membership, you also get to enjoy free shipping!

The bottom line on Roomba 650 Manual vacuum

Roomba 650 Manual is an ideal choice if you want an easy to use robot vacuum that can clean both hard and soft floors at an affordable price. We have scoured the internet looking for the best prices, and nobody beats Amazon, click here to get your best deal!